Useless Tech Phrases – Part 1

I know the following will divide many in the tech industry but I am only speaking from experience. So many sales folk and techs will throw around phrases designed to make you feel warm and fuzzy about your investment without actually factoring in the real world and how it works.

The first is a phrase from Internet Providers of all sizes – 1 to 1 contention.

This merely means that from your router to the ISP you are getting guaranteed bandwidth but it of course comes at a premium price. Eg. A 40/40 (that’s 40 megabits and not megabytes) in Maroochydore will set you back about $600 from TPG.  Megabits is the connection speed while the actual download speed is approx 4 megabytes per second.

So you have guaranteed bandwidth at your disposal – that’s amazing…Until…

  • Someone sends out a bulk email with a 15mb (megabyte) attachment to 400 recipients (that’s 6gb of traffic)
  • Someone dumps thousands of photos from their phone into dropbox and dropbox is not rate limited.
  • Your fleet of 25 windows 10 computers decide it’s time to upgrade, downloading a 4gb update – that’s 2.5gb of traffic.

If just one of those events occurred, the entire business would be rendered offline and become completely unproductive.

The issue here is all of these are business functions in modern times, but the setup and sale of the service is archaic. The internet provider would simply state “my service was operating as intended” which leaves you as the business owner at a loss.

A modern approach!

For $600 you could easily get 3 NBN connections running at 100/40 (or close to it) with load balancing setup on a quality business grade router and be saving money month after month.  (In my experience the NBN is amazing – not perfect but much faster than ADSL2 and the price is right). Depending on the location you could also add in a fixed wireless option.

How would it all work?

The mass email out could utilise the first connection, dropbox and windows updates connection number 2 while all general web browsing could utilise connection number 3 – and not a single person in the office would experience any delay with all scenarios occurring simultaneously.

Don’t get me wrong, that single connection if setup correctly could handle the load with prioritisation and Quality of service – but again from my experience it is never done very well or will see your monthly spend increase as many internet providers will charge additional. Having a single connection also leaves you with a single point of failure if the connection fails – your offline.

My recommendation is several internet links through tier 1 internet providers and/or a fixed wireless connection offering you bandwidth, redundancy and flexibility at a solid price point.

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