Business Resilience

I have never worked at a business or organisation where there has not been some form of serious problem causing downtime and loss of revenue. Some problems like power outages are out of our control. Losing access to your critical business data or the internet can be mitigate to some levels with the right solution and equipment.

No system is infallible as Amazon and Microsoft clouds have suffered significant outages in recent times.

TechTopia has some solutions to help build resilience into your business.

This includes an email filter which can store your emails in the event that your email system fails.

Investing in a business grade router and utilising 2 internet connections from differing Internet Service Providers will help to ensure your business remains online.

Ensuring your data is protected not only by a local backup but also a cloud based or offsite backup will help you recover faster when hardware fails or you receive a ransomware infection.

All of these options are cost effective when compared to the loss of revenue while still having expenses.

Ask yourself – What would a single day of downtime cost your business?