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If you have reviewed my website you will see I have a strong focus on IT Security (InfoSec) and helping you as my customers of all sizes remain safe online.

I’m not going to lie, I love Google Chrome. It’s not perfect but it is robust, secure, a solid performer  and the extensions you can bolt in can enhance your online security.

Just tonight Microsoft has released into the Chrome Store it’s own Windows Defender extension designed to block phishing (fraudulent) websites.

Now I tend to tinker to try and source the best solution and will purposely access known phishing websites like those listed on PhishTank or CyberCrime-Tracker for testing purposes and as usual the Cyber Criminals are way ahead as those discovered and listed today were not blocked just now during my testing.

This is despite Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing being combined with Windows Defender, uBlock Origin and Adguard AdBlocker.

Why aren’t they blocked I hear you ask? Well they are what’s known as a “Zero Day Attack” which have probably been alive on the internet for a handful of hours. The Cyber Security Companies that market themselves as near perfect are in fact always playing catch up.

At least the Chrome Extensions are free!

So if you can’t stop access to the websites, what can you do?

Prior to Christmas I launched myself into a personal project to find an Endpoint Security Product (The modern name for Antivirus) which could actually stop Ransomware. I sourced my ransomware samples from TestMyAv and killed multiple Windows 10 computers before I came across an absolute gem.

Over several nights and after hundreds of ransomware files were executed my test environment remained strong and stable.

It’s unique in it’s approach as it doesn’t scan your computer and will not slow your computer down. It embeds itself like a hardware device and will prevent all levels of infection from running on your computer.

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