Services for Business

TechTopia covers everyone from large businesses to home offices and our suite of products and systems will cater to all markets.

Managed Services – Premium

Imagine having your own internal IT resource, a CTO that will embed into your business and to help it grow and succeed. Now combine that with not only fixing all IT related incidents but raising them as problems that require a more in depth resolution or investment.

This level of service and attention is unrivaled when compared to traditional IT Support companies.

Managed Services – Light

This is more of your traditional Managed Services Model with a fixed monthly cost and all you can eat buffet of tech support requests (within reason) with Business and Technology Consulting additional when required.


You need support, we fix – it’s pretty simple right? Not for TechTopia as while we are working on fixing your printer or installing software we will check your computer updates, try and improve your computers performance and if required dust some vents.

For us it’s about adding value rather than fixing something that breaks.