The power of the Cloud

Phone Systems

A Cloud Controlled phone system allows you to operate your business phones from any location that has solid and reliable internet with all of the features of a traditional phone system.

Why opt for a traditional phone system mounted on a wall which can look unsightly and bind your business to a single location?

Selecting a hosted system provides flexibility by allowing you to add or remove handsets as you require.


DNS Filtering

A free Internet Security filter backed by IBM, Packet Clearing House and the Global Cyber Alliance.

If you are not using it – Why?

If you haven’t been told about this – Why not?


Managed Anti-Spam

An email filter of the highest quality combining 5 antivirus engines and a multitude of mechanisms to keep junk from your inbox.

  • Pay for physical users only, not mailboxes or email addresses.
  • Why waste time deleting emails that shouldn’t arrive?
  • Why risk someone opening a malicious attachment?


Managed Malware Protection – Premium

A next generation Malware product that is designed to stop everything – and it does!

It’s detection and block rate is amazing compared to traditional antivirus vendors and it will protect your business from Ransomware.

Delivered from the cloud, all new security mechanisms are delivered direct to you.


Managed Malware Protection – Light

A lightweight and effective Antivirus platform designed to keep your computers free from malware with the ability to block access to compromised websites, even when travelling using an additional Web Filtering mechanism.


Cloud Driven Backups

With the inception of the NBN across Australia, utilising the capacity and functionality of the additional bandwidth and the Cloud should be a priority when it comes to protecting your greatest asset, your data.

There are many solutions available to suit every sized business and the cost is relatively inexpensive.

Some solutions will combine an onsite backup with the cloud giving your business the near instant recovery and disaster recovery in one.