Default Deny

Default Deny

Forget the marketing and hype around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Next Gen Anti-virus – it’s all just words and is unverified or not tested due to the nature of the closed platforms. Think about it, anyone can claim their product leverages AI or ML or is Next Gen when it’s likely to be marketing crap as many of them have been easily bypassed by researchers and whitehat hackers.

DefaultDeny is the absolute best method to prevent Malware infections and hackers infiltrating your your business and organisation and with the platform put together by TechTopia, the goal is now cost effective and easily within reach and completely managed.

It covers the most commonly exploited methods of attack and applies heavy restrictions – easy!

Within your business or organisation:

Your team does not require open slather to the internet

Your email system doesn’t need to accept emails with every type of attachment

Your team should only be inserting USB Drives of a known and approved source

Programs not required for business use should be blocked

Methods of Direct Remote Access should utilise a VPN

Access to all online resources should leverage Multifactor or 2 factor authentication

Why choose this method?

By applying website restrictions – Phishing emails directing you to new or compromised websites become benign

By only allowing “generally safe” attachments – Malware can’t reach your inbox.

USB Drives are common, knowing they are safe is key

Outlook / Word / Excel and Line of Business Apps – Common and safe apps only

VPN’s encrypt your data and connections and prevent outside access to your network/s

If you setup additional levels of verification, it’s harder for hackers to use your accounts and identity

Invest Wisely, Invest Once!

With the right restrictions in place the chance of infection in the first place is heavily reduced so stop throwing money at endless Cyber Security solutions and start locking down your business or organisation in the right manner.

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